Our Story

The best Classic Cars in the Baleares for your enjoyment


Rent a Classic Car Mallorca is the completion of a dream for us, a dream we’d love you to be part of.  …Your experience is our passion !

We have a love for cars that were designed in an era of Rock and Roll, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Apollo launches, lunar landings, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Led Zeppelin, Twiggy, Woodstock, with popular tv series such as ; The Persuaders, The Prisoner and The Saint, and movies like; Bullet, Grand Prix, Le Mans, and of course The Italian Job

A time when designers were not shackled with European NCAT ratings, fuel economy, aerodynamics and emissions etc. Never again will cars be produced that looked or sounded this sexy!…

…such is the appeal of Classic motoring.

Sadly the cost of ownership of such vehicles has risen greatly over the last ten years, putting them out of reach of most people. Ownership can also be a problem with garage space, servicing and perceived reliability problems.

So why not rent one our vehicles? We’ve selected a series of cars which we think represents a great cross section that we have all admired at some stage in our lives !

The list is always growing, so please ask us if you don’t see what your after on 0034 618 307 909.